We need to change how we train

Take control before you lose it! Learn in minutes how to end the fight before it begins! Our training will teach you how to survive and escape a violent encounter. What’s your life, safety & security worth to you and your loved ones?


Listen, I don’t care who you are, anyone can find themselves in a violent encounter at some point or another! This training is for you! Super simple moves that can save lives and careers! Training Law Enforcement, Security, Civilians, and Military personnel for a combined 51 years in basic Take Down Techniques, Situational Awareness, Active Shooter Events and Self Defense. Don’t wait and become the next victim!

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  • Takedown

Size doesn’t matter! Take the actor down in seconds

  • Restrain & Submission

LEO’S & Security: Quickly hold and immobilize the actor with little to no effort. End the fight before it begins!

  • Defend & Escape

Fight back and escape! Don’t be a victim!

  • Bragging rights

Boast about how you did what no one else could! They’ll want to know how you did that. Trust me!

  • I recently had a situation where I was attempting to arrest an individual with illegal narcotics. I snuck up behind him as he tried to get rid of the drugs and then held on to a park bench that was directly in front of him. I was able to quickly bring him down and cuff him without even calling it in and without it getting ugly. So glad I took your instructions seriously lol! Just wanted to say thank you Ed & Cesar and stay safe!

    Robert Roman Jr.
    Robert Roman Jr.Law Enforcement Officer
  • I’ve been using these techniques for some time now. They are super simple to learn and totally work! I currently am a Law Enforcement Instructor and include your moves in my instructions. The best feeling is when someone comes back and tells me how it worked for them and how they didn’t even break a sweat.

    Bob Truppner
    Bob Truppner Law Enforcement Instructor
Learn how you can safely and effectively subdue a hostile and combative subject